James Garvey,

Executive Board

Alan Lewis, Ph.D., Past President
Sharon Downey, Secretary
Joseph Galema, Treasurer
Diane Caruso, Director-at-Large
Christopher Jennings, Director-at-Large

Appointed Officers

Alan C. Reed, Archivist
William P. Saviers, Jr., Esq., Chancellor
The Rt. Rev’d Keith Whitmore, Chaplain
Brian S. Driscoll, D.M.A., Webmaster
Mark Howe, Ph.D., Editor, The Journal
Michael S. Burnette, D.M.A., Placement Advisor
The Rev’d James Newman,
Professional Concerns & Development Chair


AAM Regional Chairs

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Region 1 David Eaton
Region 2 Malcolm Merriweather
Region 3 T. J. Thomas
Region 4 Matthew Wood
Region 5 Rob Lehman
Region 6 Marty Burnett
Region 7 Graham Schultz
Region 8-N Margaret Secour
Region 8-S Thomas Neenan
Association of Anglican Musicians is a Michigan corporation, qualified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the IRS Code.

The Journal

Editorial Board

Mark Howe, Ph.D., Editor
James Garvey, Consulting Editor
Giles Brightwell, Ph.D.
Christian M. Clough
Elizabeth Harrison, Ph.D.
Marilyn Haskel
Victor Hill, Ph.D.
Paul Ellison, Ph.D.
Dana Marsh, D.Phil.
Pamela McCaslin
Margaret Secour


Marjorie Johnston, Reviews of Recordings (
Erik W. Goldstrom, Ph.D., Reviews of Books (
Brian P. Harlow, D.M.A., Instrumental Music Reviews (
Jason Overall, Choral Music Reviews (