AAM Code of Ethics

Recognizing the love into which we have been sealed at baptism, and our continuing struggle to show that love in every aspect of our lives, the several members of the Association of Anglican Musicians enter into covenant with each other and to themselves to uphold and abide by certain professional and personal tenets as members of the Association in good standing:

Strive for Love, Justice and Peace

In the conduct of their personal and professional lives, members will strive for love, justice and peace in all their relationships and work, affirming the transforming power of the Gospel in their lives.

Pursue Placement in Officially Vacant Positions

Members of the Association of Anglican Musicians will apply for employment only for positions which have been officially and publicly declared vacant by announcement of vacancy, whether orally or in writing, to the congregation or institution served and in full knowledge of the incumbent who is leaving the position. Members will not seek or appear to be seeking employment, whether overtly or covertly, for themselves or for a colleague, in any position which is held by someone else. Members will not seek employment or attempt to place a student or colleague in a position which, in the determination of the Board of Directors of the Association, has been made vacant by the wrongful termination of another member of the AAM.

Seek Consent and Counsel

Members will not perform any musical or liturgical duty within the premises of another’s professional responsibility without the consent and counsel of the chief liturgical officer or other employment officer and, in the case of musical events, of the incumbent musician of that institution. In cases where a third party has requested professional services for weddings, funerals, teaching, counseling, or the like, the appropriate incumbent employee will be offered his or her customary fee. This does not apply to the use of the institution for contracted events by professional organizations sponsoring recitals, concerts, lectures, and the like.

Promote and Strengthen Relationships

The consistent goal of each member shall be to promote and strengthen the working relationships among the people served, the staffs and the clergy or officers in charge of the institution. Members shall honor at all times the governing canons, discipline, constitutions or other codified regulations of this association and of their respective institution, and honor all appropriate channels for making decisions and/or expressing differences of opinion.

Comply with Copyright Laws

Members shall insist upon compliance with copyright laws within all areas of their responsibility.


Any member of the Association of Anglican Musicians who violates this Code of Ethics may be subject to the disciplinary process provided for in the Bylaws of the Association.