The AAM Mentoring Program is designed to offer support and guidance to young professional or less-experienced church musicians, particularly musicians who are new to the Episcopal Church. Please download the PDF of our brochure, or contact ( us to request a brochure via postal mail. If you are interested in being mentored, please download a Mentoring Application Form.

Watch a short interview with Will Gotmer.

Each “mentee” will work with an experienced and seasoned colleague: a mentor. The mentor will work to help the mentee assess his or her skills and special abilities, offering help in locating resources, and providing support and guidance dealing with matters such as hymn and service playing, choral conducting, accompanying, liturgical planning and repertoire, staff relations, and the development of listening skills.

One mentee who participated in the first pilot project wrote:

“…our time together opened my thoughts to considering other avenues for development. For instance, I am now working on an independent study in choral conducting with a local university choral director and pondering the next stage of my education…”

As the mentor-mentee relationship unfolds, it is encouraged that each mentee spend time with the mentor in his or her church. We also envision a visit by the mentor to the mentee, which provides the opportunity for observation and teaching.

Our deepest hope that these relationships will continue after the initial meetings. We are most eager to learn the names of Episcopal church musicians new to the profession who might benefit from this program.

If you know of potential mentees or would like more information about the program, please contact us.

Please read the article by Victor Hill on mentoring.

Mission Statement

The mission of the AAM Mentoring Program is to identify and support the young professional or less-experienced church musician who seeks enrichment by establishing a mentoring relationship with a seasoned and experienced colleague.

Theological Statement

“…but be filled with the Spirit, as you sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, singing and making melody to the Lord in your hearts, giving thanks to God at all times and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians

Scripture bids us to be a singing people who offer prayers of thanks for the many blessings we receive. The musicians called to the holy vocation of leading the Church’s song are those who help our congregations raise their corporate praises and songs of faith. Through the AAM Mentoring Program, young professional and less-experienced church musicians receive support, encouragement, and guidance, to strengthen their confidence and equip them with valuable skills to do their important work. The gifts that these musicians make use of in their vocation are gifts that God has freely bestowed. The Church then becomes stewards of these gifts by supporting these musicians in their service to God and God’s people.

AAM Mentoring Program Committee

Kyle Ritter, chair
Brian Driscoll, Raymond Glover, Martha Johnson, Ellen Johnston, Marilyn Keiser, Marti Rideout, John Repulski, William Roberts, Thomas Whittemore