The Association of Anglican Musicians

Founded in the early 1970s as the successor to the American Cathedral Organists and Choirmasters Association, AAM’s membership today embraces musicians, clergy, and supporters of music in Anglican liturgical life.
Members work and worship in cathedrals, parishes and missions large and small, theological seminaries, and church-related schools. They are organists, pianists, bishops, guitarists, presbyters and deacons, directors and trainers of choirs, teachers of music, and friends of Anglicanism’s musical tradition and practice of sung prayer.

Serving the Episcopal Church

The Association of Anglican Musicians is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of musicians and clergy serving in the worshiping communities of the Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican tradition.

Our Mission

Recognizing that the music of the church finds its primary expression within the framework of the liturgy, this Association takes as its purpose the elevation, stimulation, and support of music and the allied arts in all their aspects in the Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican tradition, and especially in their relationship to liturgy.

The Association seeks to encourage, through the fellowship of the Association, the sharing of ideas and skills among members, and to endeavor to disseminate the results of this sharing throughout our dioceses, to keep healthy and vibrant our strong musical tradition by:

Being an Effective Force

Being an effective force in establishing equitable and just compensation and benefits in return for our expertise as professional musicians working within the church;

Encouraging and Supporting

Actively encouraging and supporting composers and other artists to create works for the church;

Working Closely with Seminaries

Working closely with our seminaries toward the establishment and continuation of valid courses of study in music and the allied arts as they relate to worship and theology;

Fostering Mutual Respect and Trust

Fostering a relationship of mutual respect and trust between clergy and musicians;

Maintaining Substantive Communication

Maintaining direct lines of substantive communication with diocesan commissions on liturgy and music and the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, while actively supporting the work of these commissions.

Association of Anglican Musicians is a Michigan corporation, qualified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the IRS Code.