Sponsorships in The Journal

The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians is our bi-monthly periodical (six issues each year). The Journal is distributed to our 950+ members, and to various institutions, bishops, and deans throughout the country, either electronically or with print copies. Please enjoy a recent issue from November/December 2022. You may fill out the form below and make payment or Download a PDF of the form. You may also Download our Dimension Guide.

Sponsorship Terms and Rates

  • Sponsor agrees to submit a digitally formatted copy, black & white or full color PDF (please inquire about other acceptable formats), by the 5th of the month preceding each issue to office@anglicanmusicians.org.
    • January/February issue (artwork due December 5)
    • March/April issue (artwork due February 5)
    • May/June issue (artwork due April 5)
    • July/August issue (artwork due June 5)
    • September/October issue (artwork due August 5)
    • November/October issue (artwork due October 5)
  • Contract may be mailed to the address above or emailed to office@anglicanmusicians.org.
  • Payment may be submitted online or by check (payable to Association of Anglican Musicians).
  • Sponsorships will be placed at the discretion of the editor, unless otherwise agreed.
  • A 10% discount will be given to sponsors who contract for one full year (6 issues).Use discount code: ANNUAL (Note: You must use all caps.)
  • Active AAM members receive a 20% discount for all sponsorships. Use discount code: MEMBER (Note: You must use all caps.)
Size Dimensions (Horizontal) Dimensions (Vertical) Price
(per issue)
Annual Rate
(10% discount)
Member Rate
(20% discount)
Full Page Insert 7⅜” x 9⅞” N/A $750 $675 $600
Back Cover 7⅜” x 9⅞” N/A $600 $540 $480
Full Page 7⅜” x 9⅞” N/A $500 $450 $400
Half Page 7⅜” x 4⅞” 3⅛” x 9¾” $350 $315 $280
Quarter Page N/A 3⅝” x 4⅞” $200 $180 $160
Eighth Page 3⅝” x 2⅜” 1¾” x 4⅞” $100 $90 $80
Business Card 2½” x 1″ N/A $50 $45 $40