AAM Membership Application Forms

There are three ways for you to complete your application for membership. Please choose the option that is best for you.

  • You may submit your application entirely online (see option 1 below).
  • You may complete the forms online (after downloading them), print them, and send them by mail (see option 2 below).
  • You may print the forms, complete them, and send them by mail (see option 3 below).
Please read these instructions for further details on completing the application process → Membership Application Instructions (PDF)
Note: If Online Forms are used, it doesn’t matter if an applicant wishes to pay the application fee first, returning to fill out the form, or if an applicant submits the form first, then pays the fee. The “Buy Now” button below may be used to pay the application fee whether the forms are completed online or by mail. Otherwise, mail a check for $20 made payable to “AAM” to AAM’s office address (see below).

Application Fee: $20 + $5 transaction fee


These forms are designed to be completed online and delivered electronically using this website.

Applicant Membership Form
Proposing Member Form (proposing member must be a present member of the Association of at least three years’ standing)
Supporting Member Form (two supporting letters are required)


These PDF forms may be filled out electronically* (then printed, signed, and mailed).
*Please DOWNLOAD these forms to your local computer BEFORE filling in blanks. Please do not use your web browser to fill out these forms. (These links should automatically initiate downloading, otherwise right-click and choose to download/save the file.)

Applicant Membership Form (PDF)
Proposing Member Form (PDF)
Supporting Member Form (PDF)


Alternatively, you may print these PDF forms and fill them out manually.
Printable Membership Forms for Applicant, Proposing Member, and Supporting Members (rev. 2022) (PDF)

If you have questions, please contact:
Association of Anglican Musicians
P.O. Box 1012
Norwalk, CT 06856

(New Members: Please allow 3–5 days after paying your dues in order to receive membership login information.)

APPLICATION DEADLINES (revised Oct. 30, 2020)
Applications for membership are considered four times a year during meetings of the Board of Directors in mid-Winter, early Spring, the month of June, and in the Fall. Please email office@anglicanmusicians.org for information concerning upcoming deadlines. Proposing and supporting letters, as well as the application fee, must be received by the deadline which immediately precedes a board meeting. Otherwise your application will be delayed.