Thank you for your interest in membership in the Association of Anglican Musicians

Please read this page carefully to learn all about the membership process. At the very bottom of the page there is a link to the various membership-related forms.

AAM is a group of musicians and clergy whose purpose is to “elevate, stimulate, and support music and the allied arts in the liturgy of the Episcopal Church and throughout the Anglican Communion.” We welcome your help in achieving these goals.

If you’re considering membership, we commend to you an excellent article by Victor Hill: Explaining the AAM Application for Membership. If not, please consider becoming a Friend of AAM.

Categories of Membership

The Association has these categories of membership:

• Musician Membership

For musicians who are active members of the Anglican Communion (whether working in Episcopal/Anglican churches or not) and non-Episcopalians/Anglicans working in churches or schools of the Anglican Communion (annual dues, $120; dues for retired members 65 and over are reduced by 50%).

• Clergy Membership

For clergy of the Anglican Communion who are interested in the relationship of music and other arts to liturgy (annual dues, $120; dues for retired clergy members 65 and over are reduced by 50%).

• Student Membership

For full-time students in accredited academic institutions who are interested in the relationship of music and other arts to liturgy. Student membership has full privileges and the full-time student status must be verified annually. Student members pay half the annual membership dues. Upon leaving full-time student status, the member must pay the dues of a regular member.

Membership Process

All applicants must be proposed for membership by a present member of the Association of at least three years’ standing, and have supporting letters from two additional members of the Association. These letters could also come from one member of the Association and from a priest of the Anglican Communion. The Executive Director is able to assist you if you should have difficulty in identifying possible people to propose and support your application.

This process may take considerable time since your application and the three letters must be at the Communications Office in order for the Executive Board to act upon your membership. Keep in mind that those who are sending letters must often be reminded that your membership consideration depends on their timeliness.

Again, thank you for your interest!

Applications for membership are considered four times a year during meetings of the Board of Directors. Please email for information concerning upcoming deadlines. Proposing and supporting letters, as well as the application fee, must be received by the deadline which immediately precedes a board meeting or application processing will be delayed.

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